Anabelle’s Casual Dining Room


Anabelle’s Casual Dining Room is great spot to bring the family for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The original is in Texas. NOTE:Yelp is reporting this as closed. 

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Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot.

Anabelle's Casual Dining Room - 8105 Mesa Dr Ste A Austin, TX 78759

Anabelle’s Casual Dining Room8105 Mesa Dr Ste A
Austin, TX 78759This is site is in no way affiliated with them. But as a courtesy we are showing their address.

According to Wikipedia Casual Dining is:

A casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves moderately-priced food in a casual atmosphere. Except for buffet-style restaurants, casual dining restaurants typically provide table service. Casual dining comprises a market segment between fast food establishments and fine dining restaurants. Casual dining restaurants often have a full bar with separate bar staff, a larger beer menu and a limited wine menu. They are frequently, but not necessarily, part of a wider chain, particularly in the United States. In Italy, such casual restaurants are often called “trattoria,” and are usually independently owned and operated.
Family style

Family style restaurants are a type of casual dining restaurants where food is often served on platters and the diners serve themselves. Typically, alcoholic beverages are not sold at family-style casual dining restaurants.
Fine dining

Fine dining restaurants are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. Décor of such restaurants feature higher-quality materials, with an eye towards the “atmosphere” desired by the restauranteur, than restaurants featuring lower-quality materials. The wait staff is usually highly trained and often wears more formal attire. Fine-dining restaurants are almost always small businesses and are generally either single-location operations or have just a few locations. Food portions are visually appealing. Fine dining restaurants have certain rules of dining which visitors are generally expected to follow often including a dress code.

La Boheme brasserie & bar is a combination...

La Boheme brasserie & bar is a combination of an upscale life style brasserie and a fine dining restaurant in a friendly, cosy, casual, yet classy, tasteful and elegant environment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Orlando area in Florida has an eclectic nightlife.  Curiously close to the second home and retirement meca Winter Garden and Winderemere Homes. Sun City Arizona has many quaint establishments for eating for the retired homeowners while Scottsdale enjoys a bit more of an upscale vibe amongst its homeowners. Many home owners enjoy a more quiet vibe. While the South Bay of Los  Angeles there is more an eclectic beach atmosphere for residents to enjoy.

Up the 405 and 110 freeways a tad is Ventura California. Which is less vibrant than the South Bay but still maintains that laid back surfer dude feel.

In the Florida Keys is a little Key called Conch that has a few very unique eateries made for the traveler. While many prefer to eat the fish they caught off their rented boats.

The Chicago scene is plenty busy as the night life is plentiful below the towers, apartments and condos above. Zagat is calling Vie the number 2 restaurant in ChiTown and Katsu number 1.

City dwellers say this Western Springs New American is “worth the travel” to the ‘burbs for Paul Virant’s “exceptional” New American cooking that showcases “the season’s best” ingredients in “outstanding” “fine-dining” dishes; the space is “warm and inviting but still elegant”, and “impeccable” service further justifies the spendy tabs.

Of course there is nothing like a great meal overlooking the blue Pacific or in the old town Gas Lamp area of San Diego.

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Housing Shortage for How Long?

The inventory of homes for sale continues to shrink. There were 2.02 million homes listed for sale at the end of October, representing only 4.3 months’ supply. A balanced market would be closer to 6-to-7 months’ supply.  From a year ago, the raw inventory count was down 4%, which marked nearly two straight years of decline.

This shortage of housing inventory is the principal reason why home prices have been outpacing people’s income growth for the past five consecutive years. From 2011 to 2016, the median home price will have risen by 42% compared to the median household income gain of only 17%. Such disparity hurts affordability and is unsustainable over the long haul. The only way to lessen home price growth is to bring in more supply. It cannot be a simple case of existing homeowners listing their home. Keep in mind that nearly all home sellers are also home buyers, and thereby not truly providing a net increase to the inventory. The same logic applies to underwater homeowners who come above water after home price gains. What is needed is for homebuilders to boost construction and/or for investors who bought for the purpose of renting to unload those rental properties onto the market soon. There is no indication of the second occurring because of nice rental income flows. The only way to bring additional supply, therefore, is for homebuilders to get really busy.

View NAR Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun’s full article here.

Housing Shortage for How Long?

Closing Delays Rise Unexpectedly

NAR Research began tracking closing delays following the implementation of the TRID or Know Before You Owe rules. These rules changed the settlement process adding new closing documents, tolerances for fees, and timelines.

The time-to-close a loan, the period from contract to settlement, fell 0.3 days in November relative to the same time in 2015, the first decline on a 12-month basis in nearly two years. However, the November reading was relative to high reading in November of 2015 following TRID’s implementation. Comparing this past November with the same period in 2014 yields an increase of 4.4 days, a surprise relative the recent easing pattern.

image 1

Many of the loans that settled in November went under contract during the busy September and October period. More recently, mortgage rates rose nearly 50 basis points in November in the wake of the Presidential election. As a result, many fence-sitting home buyers and refinancers moved into the market. The extra demand may have exacerbated a bulge in early fall contracts.

image 2

The time to close a loan remains elevated, though. As depicted above, the time-to-close averaged 40.5 days from November of 2015 to November of 2016 compared to 36.7 days in the prior 12-month period. These delays should ease in the coming months as refinance volume eases and as lenders continue to adapt to the new settlement process, but a longer average time-to-close may be part of the new normal.

Closing Delays Rise Unexpectedly

Student Loan Debt and Inventory

Student debt has grown significantly in recent years and with it concern over the impacts on first-time homebuyers. However, limited to no attention has been paid to the connection between student debt and constrained supply. A significant share of owners with student debt report that their student debt has or will delay their trade-up purchase. This problem also holds back entry-level supply from would-be first-time buyers. While increased trade-up sales would help to ameliorate tight entry-level supply, a number of constraints remain including negative equity and limited construction which must be addressed to fully solve the supply shortage.

First-time homebuyers face issues with student debt, tight credit, a soft job market, and limited housing supply. Higher student debt levels constrain first time buyers by raising their back-end debt-to-income ratio and by making it more difficult to accumulate a down payment. However, student debt also impacts current homeowners by limiting funds to build up a trade-up down payment, to pay down negative equity, and to service debts thereby affecting credit scores. According to NAR’s Student Loan Debt and Housing Report 2016[1], 31 percent of homeowners who have student debt report that their student debt has caused them to delay their next home purchase and 73 percent indicated the delay was 3 or more years. This means that each year, a certain number of trade-up sales do not occur, limiting the available supply for would-be first time homebuyers.

image 1

 How significant is the problem?

Price growth has been strongest at the entry-level portion of the market due to low supplies as depicted in the chart of months supply below. This imbalance suggests that the market would readily absorb an increase in entry-level supply.

 image 2

 The number of delayed trade-up sales is depicted in the table below.[2] The market impact may be sensitive to the turnover rate, so a range of estimates is provided. This analysis suggests that each year roughly 107,000 to 131,000 repeat sales do not occur due to student debt. However, these trade-up sales release supply, likely entry-level supply, to the market that could be consumed by first-time buyers (or investors/renters). Thus the total impact is closer to double this figure.

image 3 - Copy

Trade-up buyers would likely move into price-points in the market with more supply and where builders are more likely to meet demand though land, labor, financing, and regulatory issues constraint builders at all price points. However, not all trade-up buyers may find the “right” home in the current market of tight supply.

Where Does Student Debt Constrain Supply?

At the local level, the states with the highest level of owners with student debt held back from a trade-up purchase are in California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Ohio. These areas tend to have large populations, but some are also hot-spots for younger buyers.

image 4

 Implications for First-Time Buyer Share

NAR’ Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers revealed that the first-time buyer share jumped from 32 percent in 2015 to 35 percent in 2016. An increase in entry-level inventory would likely result in greater first-time buyer participation and it would ease price pressure in this segment. If trade-up demand were to rise as estimated above and all current owner’s homes sold to first-time buyers, the first-time buyer share would rise to a range of 35.6 percent to 35.7 percent, still well off the 40 percent historic norm for primary residence buyers. Over 5 years, this could increase first-time homebuyer sales by 550,000 to 700,000 and total sales could rise by 1.1 to 1.4 million in the short term. [3]

image 5

 However, student debt is not the only factor impacting entry-level supply. Nearly 3.2 million owners remain underwater and the share of underwater owners is higher in the entry-level price range.[4] Furthermore, investors bought up a significant number of entry-level units in the wake of the great recession turning those properties into profitable rentals that are not likely to return to the market. Finally, builders remain constrained as noted above. While an increase in supply due to higher trade-up purchases might help to ameliorate the supply issue, it would not resolve it.

The impact of student debt on first-time buyers’ finances has been widely discussed. Student debt also has an impact on entry-level supply and the trade-up process. Addressing student debt will pay dividends on both the demand and supply side for housing.


[2] These estimates are conservative in that they do not include private loans.

[3] One might argue that this purchase delay simply shifts demand into the future. However, it could cause price and construction distortions in the short term and limits the equity accumulation of owners in the short-term and long-term as this delay is persistent.

[4] Corelogic

Student Loan Debt and Inventory

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